Why choose us?

Labour for Less 

Experience and focus on providing specific services only, as well as good organised management helped us to reduce the overall cost of personnel without even compromising quality of our service. We can beat any competitor's price that has the same quality of service.

Personnel guarantee

Our client has a full working day to examine the individual abilities of each worker and if you are not satisfied fully – we will replace him and you will not be charged. We want to ensure to our client, that he will only pay for the right person.

Health and safety

Our first objective is to prevent occupational accidents and injuries at workplace. We strive to create an incident-free work through special H&S courses for our work force.

We ensure that temporary and permanent employees have the experience and training necessary to perform the job safely.

All our personnel have work safety permits, that allow us to start work on client's project immediately.


We provide a level of service that meets or exceeds standards of specific industry. All works performed only by certified personnel, according to the client’s individual requirements. Our team it’s not only work force, it’s also qualified and experienced management, engineers, supervisors and every single individual is important for us. Our specialists are good paid and they are highly motivated professionals only. 

Professional equipment

We can provide to our client not only qualified personnel, but as well all necessary professional equipment that you may need to perform job.

We make it possible without even compromising the quality and efficiency
When you need it, we provide not only manpower, but also professional equipment
Our personnel has all necessary papers and are highly motivated professionals only

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