Welding and montage works

ERMV - provides high qualified personnel to perform welding and fitting works. We specialize in welding of aluminium, carbon, stainless and other high-alloy steels. Welding of technological pipelines, tanks, pressure vessels, and various steel structures.

All our employees must pass the process of experience and qualification confirmation before being sent to the facility to meet all individual clients’ requirements.

Personnel have experience and training necessary to perform the job safely and effectively. 

Our welders have years of experience and certified according to the standard EN 287-1, by welding processes: 131, 135, 136, 111, 141

We have experience in the following industries:

• Food

• Pharmaceutical

• Chemical

• Aviation

• Oil refinery

• Ship building

• Electric power industry

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We make it possible without even compromising the quality and efficiency
When you need it, we provide not only manpower, but also professional equipment
Our personnel has all necessary papers and are highly motivated professionals only

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