Diagnosis, repair, modification and montage of Power Generating Equipment

ERMV also specializes in the diagnosis, repair, modification and montage of power generating equipment including turbines, turbo generators as well as pumps, compressors, steam and water-heating boilers, etc. Qualified personnel and modern technical equipment allows us to perform work with high quality and in time.

It carries out diagnostics, repair, installation, restoration of technical parameters:

·  Heating plants and heating mechanical equipment: turbines at the capacity to 300 MW, their systems of automatic regulation and safety, system of steam distribution and industrial overheating, oil systems; ventilation equipment, all types of water-steam and water heating boilers; all types of pumps including pumps for oil refineries, industrial conditioning and heating units; heat-exchange equipment; pipelines in various technical parameters;

· Electrical equipment for generation and distribution of electric power: turbo-generator at the capacity of 300 MW; transformers at the capacity to 1000000 kW and voltage to 750 kV; all types (inc. voltage) of DC and AC electric motors; all types (inc. voltage) of air and oil switches in opened and closed distribution plants;

·  Vibrating diagnostics of rotating mechanisms and vibrating adjustment in bearings as well as balancing machines;

·  Repair and montage works of ventilation systems;

·  Montage of steel structures;

·  Installation of pipelines;

·  Consultations regarding repair and technical supervision issues;

·  Technical support related to repair and mounting works on construction sites.

All our employees must pass the process of experience and qualification confirmation before being sent to the facility to meet all individual clients’ requirements.

Our personnel has many years of experience in repair and montage of energy equipment.

All employees who perform dangerous work or working with potentially dangerous equipment have qualification certificates.


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